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1 May

Office Refurbishments & Fit Outs

Office Refurbishments & Fit Outs

Whatever the size of your office space, our talented refurbishment team will be on hand every step of the way. From office space design to the physical office fit out we are there to help.

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    Should an office fit-out project be on the horizon, Blackwell Contracts, office refurbishment, and design specialists are on hand to help.

    An office refurbishment that utilises a superior standard of finish and the highest quality craftsmanship will rejuvenate your business and provide the stimulus to propel your business forward.

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    There are several reasons why an office refurbishment will benefit your business; creating additional space to provide an efficient and tranquil working environment that increases and maintains office morale.


    Our complete office refurbishment service will design, plan and deliver the solutions that will allow you to focus on the benefits to your staff and the overall efficiency of your business.


    Professional office refurbishments with exceptional design at their core have an uplifting effect and provide a massive feel-good factor across an entire company.


    Blackwell Contracts will manage all aspects and determine the office refurbishment costs to ensure you receive a trouble-free, cost-effective, and on-time delivery. We believe that taking the time to understand your business and getting to know your people is crucial to the success of your project.

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    8 Aug

    Restaurant Refurbishments & Fit Outs

    Restaurant Refurbishments & Fit-Outs

    As one of the leading fit-out contractors in Ireland, we take pride in the high specification and flawless interiors that we envisage, design, and create. It's our mission to bring your vision to life, and we take enormous satisfaction in fitting out your space to an incomparable standard.

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      Blackwell Contracts has considerable experience in commercial building projects in Ireland, including fit-outs, refurbishments, renovations, new builds, extensions, and internal work.

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      We manage your project from beginning to end and guarantee commercial clients absolute peace of mind. It's not enough to keep business disruption to the outright minimum; we aim to surpass your expectations by delivering a modern and first-rate standard of finish for you and your business. 


      Safety and quality are the bywords for every commercial project we address.


      There's massive competition in your marketplace, and if your restaurant, bar, or café doesn’t keep up with interior trends, it will be left behind, and you'll lose vital customers to your competition. People today embrace the ambiance, décor, and style of an establishment, and if yours doesn't provide that in abundance, then the quality of your product matters little.


      We can revamp your cafe, bar, or restaurant with a refurbishment or fit-out, depending on your needs. Whether it be small, modest changes to invigorate your premise's appearance or a complete remodeling, we're here to offer forward-thinking, innovative solutions.


      Having worked with many bars, cafes, and restaurants, we clearly understand their unique circumstances, problems, and aspirations. This experience has given us an appreciation of why some businesses require refurbishment or refit.

      We Offer You The Solution

      Utilising our turnkey solution, we will refurbish your cafe, bar, club, or restaurant with impressive and precise detail, to captivate and enchant your focus clientele.

      Interior Design

      You have a brand and a vision in mind, and we're going to deliver exactly that for you. The design of your bar, cafe, club, or restaurant plays a crucial aspect in the perception of your customer's minds. Our interior design services will emphasize the experience, leaving them desperate for more.


      We work closely with several gifted and professional design architects who possess the relevant skills and ingenuity to not only deliver your vision but transcend your expectations.

      Optimising Your Floor Space

      Essential within any bar, cafe, club, or restaurant’s interior design is your floor space optimisation. We guarantee your new interior will not only meet but exceed your customer's needs, in turn, offering you the maximum return on investment.

      Space Planning

      Space planning is an integral component of our interior design service. As your interior design service, we need to transfer our combined initial concepts into an efficient, practical, and functional use of the available space within your bar, restaurant, cafe, or club. Space planning determines precisely how we can achieve this on your behalf.

      Space Optimisation

      We need to ensure every bit of your available space is optimised fully. Our process considers this and becomes one of our top priorities when we devise the best plan for your space. At the same time, we acknowledge and engage with the customer experience relating to your employees' comings and goings, ensuring your new space is not only perfectly optimised but is wholly functional.


      From a cafe fit-out to a complete restaurant fit-out, we ensure your interior finishes can withstand the demands and increased footfall within your new space. Nothing is left to chance; Blackwell Contracts will fit electrical, mechanical, internal alterations, and all finishes will be to a flawless standard.

      Restaurant Refurbishment

      Blackwell Contract's bar and restaurant refurbishment service will revitalise and energise your current interior. Interior trends will continually change over time. As do businesses, we will deliver a refurbishment to your interior to bring your space in line with a new vision for your brand and clientele. 

      Minimal Disruption

      We appreciate that business downtime during a refurbishment is a significant concern for any business owner. Our experienced refurbishment specialists are highly accomplished at maintaining disruption to the absolute minimum. We design our schedule around your business operations where feasible and work effectively to reduce your business downtime if that's not possible. 

      Interior Revitalisation

      We believe all commercial spaces have massive possibilities, and we intend to deliver the full potential of your restaurant, bar, cafe, or club. Whether your refurbishment is for a complete rebrand or you're looking to bring your premises in line with current trends, our turnkey refurbishment service covers all aspects, from planning to design to fit-out.

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      We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

      9 Aug

      Apartment Refurbishments & Fit Outs

      Apartment Refurbishments & Fit Outs

      Blackwell Contracts are experts in apartment refurbishments and fit-outs. We bring many years of innovation, originality, and genuine passion to every project entrusted to our refurbishment team.

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        At Blackwell Contracts, we provide exceptional apartment refurbishments and fit-outs tailored to the client’s needs throughout Ireland. To date, we have completed over 200 apartment refurbishments. While every project is distinctive and challenging, we make sure our refurbishments and fit-outs create practical, pleasant, and graceful interiors.

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        With certain types of apartment refurbishment or fit-out projects, it's expedient to engage the services of an architect or interior designer. On other occasions, the client might themselves have a clear idea of what they require. We are more than happy to accommodate either scenario. However, if an architect's expertise is advisable, we work closely with several architects who possess the necessary experience dealing with apartment refurbishments.


        Apartment refurbs and fit-outs can definitely be a hugely rewarding experience, but there will be more than a few challenging situations to contend with. For example, you have neighbours in close proximity, the problematic issue of access, you may have an owners’ management company (OMC)  to deal with, and you don't want to fall foul of their rules and regulations.


        Every apartment refurbishment provides an extraordinary opportunity to recreate your living space into something you genuinely fall in love with and, at the same time, increase the value of your apartment.


        Naturally, refurbishments of this nature are challenging; there are so many variables to consider, which is why you need the services of a stellar apartment refurbishment company, such as Blackwell Contracts.


        Why Choose Blackwell Contracts

        • We utilise communication, consultancy, and management for every project. Blackwell will work as your internal manager and in tandem with you, the customer, to design a unique apartment fit-out or a complete refurbishment.
        • Whatever people may suggest, the cost is of paramount importance. Therefore we offer competitive quotes for your apartment refurbishment. You will be fully aware of the project costs before the commencement of the project. We will seek prior approval for any unavoidable variations, should there be any, to that cost.
        • Our processes are entirely transparent. At every stage of the project, you will have full sight of all project documentation. Each week throughout the project, you will be aware of the project's progress compared to the original timetable.
        • We do not take shortcuts. Our aim at all times is operational performance and setting the absolute best organizational priorities.
        • One of those priorities is open and frank communication between our project manager and you, the customer. Information has to flow both ways, and we are happy to take on board your suggestions.
        • Our team is experienced and highly skilled. Whatever a task demands, we allocate whatever resources are needed to achieve a positive outcome.

        Five Advantages Of Hiring Blackwell Contracts

        • Blackwell Contracts will be your source for everything needed for your apartment refurbishment or fit-out. Tell us what you need, and we will arrange, coordinate and schedule the entire project on your behalf. There’s no need to communicate with several different people, all information will come through us, and we will be your sole point of contact.
        • You may have a clear picture in your mind of what you want your refurbishment to look like. But we precisely create the actual plan and design to match what you need. Big projects that might involve removing interior walls or adding to your floor space require knowledgeable professionals to ensure the safety of what you propose.
        • Blackwell Contracts are fully insured. If your refurb requires you to hire several contractors for different job segments, each contractor is your responsibility unless you hire a company like Blackwell contracts.
        • If you're not an “experienced builder,” trying to go it alone is hugely problematic and time-consuming. You will have to research and teach yourself to become a project manager, employing tradespeople, and coordinating the project from beginning to end. Blackwell will take care of all this and more. We make the entire process more efficient, and in the long run, it will save you time and money.
        • If you borrow funds for the project, you'll likely be offered better terms on the loan because you employ a company such as Blackwell Contracts. We are fully licensed and are conversant with all building codes, inspections, and necessary permits. Also equally as important are the guarantees and warranties available when you work with Blackwell Contracts.

        Let's discuss your project requirements.

        We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

        2 Jun

        Home Extensions & Renovations

        House Extensions & Renovations

        Blackwell Contracts is one of Ireland's leading house extension and new build construction companies. Our obligation to you is to design, manage and build a tailored project. Projects include new home builds, kitchen and rear extensions, side return extension, flat roof extension, or wrap-around extension.

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          Are you looking for a larger kitchen, additional bedrooms, or a complete house renovation to create more living space for your growing family?

          No matter why trust our expert builders to revolutionize your space into something unique and individual that you're sure to fall in love with all over again. Contact our home extension builders in Dublin right now.

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          Home Extension in Dublin

          Rather than go through the hassle and expense of buying a new home, many homeowners prefer a home extension.  An extension might just be what you need to help you fall in love with your home again. Should your present living space feel too confining, a home extension can transform the way you live by reconfiguring existing layouts to provide more usable space and functionality.


          Do you dream of spacious and uncluttered living spaces? Are you contemplating a conservatory to bring extra space and sunlight into your home? Picture this, a side-return house extension that opens up your home to more natural light and living space, bringing the outside in and making a genuinely positive design statement.


          Do you dream about gathering friends and family and entertaining in a spacious awe-inspiring new kitchen-diner? Bigger can absolutely be better by incorporating bifold doors that will not only transform the size of your kitchen extension but visually open up the entire space. 


          Weather permitting, you can fold the doors entirely and bring your garden right inside the kitchen.

          Our team of specialist designers based in Dublin will be with you every step of the way, implementing your ideas and expectations.


          The Advantages of Renovating Your Home

          In the vast majority of cases building a home extension is the more affordable option. Moving to a new house will undoubtedly take longer than building an extension on your current property.


          You have to sell your home first, finding the deposit for your new house, in most cases forking out for Stamp Duty, removal costs, and typically people don't buy like for like if you're looking for more space, so your new property is going to be more expensive.


          Why You Should Choose A Home Extension

          Cost-effective: How much does an extension cost? The price per sq. metre typically runs from €1,500 to €2,500 depending on if you opt for a single or two-storey addition. There will also be other costs involved, such as an architect’s fee, property survey, planning permissions (should it be required), building regulations, etc.


          Increase your property value: This is especially true if you live in a town or city where space is at a premium. An attractive home extension becomes hugely attractive to any future buyers.


          More living space-less hassle: If it's extra space you crave, why put yourself and your family through the unnecessary stress of selling up and moving. Take the best option and extend your home without the aggravation and anxiety of buying a new home.

          Such a significant change might be detrimental: Do you want to uproot your kids and change their school? Are you happy adding extra time to your commute to work? You might even have to change jobs. What about friends and family?


          Blackwell Contracts - Unparalleled Experience in Renovating Irish Homes

          Can you picture just how time-consuming and arduous it is to hire an architect, builder, and all necessary tradespeople yourself? You would need quotes and timescales for each step of your house renovation. Would you be confident in everything coming together on budget and on time?


          To eliminate the significant stress and anxiety, allow Blackwell Contracts to take responsibility for your entire project; our years of experience will be invaluable.


          Our team of house extension design experts will:

          • Take your vision and design your extension. We leave nothing to chance; every possible contingency will be considered, ensuring the project runs on time and crucially within budget.
          • Coordinate all aspects of your project, including all tradespeople. From luxurious builders finishes that our clients require to a total turn-key solution.
          • Our dedicated and accomplished project manager will be on point at all times, ensuring everything runs smoothly. He will also be responsible for answering any questions or concerns you might have. He will ensure you are delighted throughout the entire transformation.
          • Our local buying power enables us to offer you the highest-quality materials for your budget.
          • From your first meeting with our pre-contract manager, you will have nothing less than a professional and highly dedicated team at your disposal 100% committed to successfully completing your house extension throughout the entire project, fulfillment, and handover.

          New Home Builds

          As one of Ireland's leading developers of new build homes, we guarantee to deliver a standard of finish that's second to none.


          Our team of highly skilled professionals will work together with you to design an original and bespoke house build for you and your family.


          We aim to be creative and imaginative at every stage of your new home build with the result that resonates as something truly outstanding. We work closely with several gifted and professional design architects who possess the relevant skills and ingenuity to not only deliver your vision but transcend your expectations.


          Our specialist interior design teams have established relationships with the best and most reliable suppliers across the whole of Ireland, meaning we can provide bespoke furnishings that will create an interior finish as unique as your new house.


          Blackwell Contracts has the talent, expertise, and highly skilled specialists to provide a new build home that your family will experience for generations to come.


          When you choose Blackwell Contracts, your family will benefit from faultless designs, superb craftsmanship, and a fully inclusive design and build process.

          Let's discuss your project requirements.

          We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

          8 May

          Maintenance Services

          Maintenance Services

          At Blackwell Contracts, we work on maintenance contracts with private and public sector companies, small to large organisations, and private homes across Ireland.

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            Blackwell Contracts are specialists in all aspects of Building Maintenance services across the whole of Ireland.

            Should you be contemplating Building Maintenance Services or Property Maintenance Services anywhere in Ireland, we are more than happy to meet and discuss your needs.

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            Are you searching for an efficient, dependable, and highly respected building maintenance company renowned for its first-rate principles and standards? Every client, large or small, who engages us,  has the benefit of working with our highly trained team of professionals, who will deliver your personal building maintenance plan to cover your exact demands.


            Why You Should Choose Blackwell Contracts

            • Specialist Building and Property maintenance services
            • Proficient and highly experienced in all aspects of building maintenance
            • We undertake all types of building maintenance
            • We cover the whole of Ireland
            • Regular and emergency response building services
            • Economical and reliable building maintenance services

            What Is Building Maintenance?

            Building maintenance refers to every task needed to keep your building functioning as efficiently as possible. Several highly skilled personnel are necessary to service an individual building, each with different maintenance skills such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. 


            Without adequate and timely maintenance services, buildings fast become a hostile environment for employees and visitors, which is why building maintenance services are indispensable.


            Giving priority to the condition of the living and or working environments for a building's tenants is part and parcel of building maintenance. Ensuring a comfortable environment can mean anything inside a facility, such as bathroom maintenance and cleaning, to maintaining electrical systems. Outside services might include landscaping and gardening.

            Such regular and everyday maintenance ensures buildings and grounds are kept in prime condition.


            Four Typical Building Maintenance And Repair Services


            1. Day To Day Maintenance And Repair

            Buildings will always require a certain amount of maintenance; this is ongoing if the building is safe and fit for purpose. Building maintenance and repair specialists will instigate regular inspections to establish which areas require remedial work; they will then undertake those tasks.


            Examples of this type of "running repairs" are clearing blocked drains, water supply issues, replacing blown fuses, replacing damaged flooring,  changing air conditioning filters, and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. Outside maintenance will include mowing grass areas, plant watering, hedge cutting, leaf blowing, etc.

            2. Electrical Installation Maintenance

            Electrical installations are vital to the running of all buildings, and maintenance must only be carried out by suitably qualified and licensed personnel.


            Installations should be checked at prescribed intervals and an accurate record of all work certified.


            • Rigorous and regular earth resistance testing - at least once a year
            • Insulation testing to ensure equipment functions safely and effectively - at least twice a year
            • Polarity testing - at least every five years

            3. Preventative Building Maintenance

            Our specialised teams will perform preventative maintenance to ensure no breakdowns and reduce maintenance issues to buildings or services.


            Regular and consistent inspections accomplish this and determine if preventative work is necessary. The types of preventative work that we carry out include averting deterioration of building areas because of pollution, subsidence, water damage, accidental damage, careless damage, excessive or heavy use, insect damage, etc.

            4. Special Repair Building Maintenance

            Some parts of a building require more than decorative maintenance, which may only include painting and cleaning. Much of the building's exterior demands attention from severe weather, such as steel surfaces, staircases, walkways, structural fixtures, fitments, etc. Blackwell Contracts undertake to replace deteriorating parts of buildings and prevent further deterioration by restoring that part of the building to its original condition.


            Why Building Maintenance Is Essential

            Without professional and ongoing building maintenance, it's impossible to guarantee the safety and comfort of those using or staying in the building.


            From a business perspective employing the very best building maintenance company, such as Blackwell Contracts, will ensure property owners save money and, in turn, increase property values.


            Blackwell Contracts currently provides maintenance for over 600 apartments in Dublin, and home insurance providers have contracted the company to provide emergency call-out services for mechanical and electrical issues for thousands of homes across the east and midlands areas of Ireland.

            Let's discuss your project requirements.

            We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

            8 May

            Plumbing & Mechanical Services

            Plumbing & Mechanical Services

            Utilising systematic and productive project planning, the Blackwell Contracts' team will ensure every project's completion to the client's expectations and beyond. We are available across both public and the private sector in refurbishments, fit-outs, and new builds. We operate with a dedicated and skilled services team.

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              Blackwell Contracts dedicate themselves to providing mechanical, plumbing, and electrical services to the highest standards. Whatever the size of the project, from minor to larger and more complex, we ensure each client experiences exceptional results.

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              Blackwell Contracts has the experience and prerequisite skills to provide the best service level and installation for mechanical installation services.


              Services include:

              • Plumbing & public health systems
              • Water service installations
              • Ventilation
              • Heating distribution systems
              • Sprinklers and fire protection
              • Gas distribution systems
              • Boiler installations
              • Solid fuel systems
              • Underfloor heating
              • Air treatment and distribution
              • Solar thermal heating

              Let's discuss your project requirements.

              We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

              11 Mar

              Retail Refurbishments & Fit Outs

              Retail Refurbishments & Fit-Outs

              We work across most of the retail industry, providing complete and partial refurbishments and fit-outs for some of Ireland's prominent brands.

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                Blackwell Contracts are one of Ireland's most trusted names in refurbishment and fit-out services for the retail sector with several years of experience and many satisfied customers. Regardless of whether you're looking to refurbish or fit out your school, retail outlet, commercial property, or health care centre, we can offer you outstanding solutions and ensure you get the optimum results for your investment.

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                We deliver top-quality and highly successful refurbishment and fit-out projects, combining a range of expertise and skills with exceptional knowledge, professional project management, and essential processes. 


                We can provide all of  Ireland coverage, and our reputation is based on reliability and maintaining project deadlines from start to completion. 


                We enjoy working with clients from the initial concept through the entire fit-out to the result. Whether you're looking for a few minor improvements or a total refurbishment, we are available to help.


                Blackwell Contracts can provide the interior designs and furnishings for your project and undertake the entire refurbishment ourselves.


                Our approach every time is to deliver a bespoke project and not a standardised service. Our clients are most welcome to offer their input at any stage of the project, or they can choose not to.

                A Reliable and Experienced Retail Refurbishment Company

                Whatever kind of project, creating a suitable result for your needs and aspirations has a profound impact on the long-term success of your business and the happiness of your employees and customers.


                Plus, opting for a refurbishment instead of relocating is cost-effective and less time-consuming.

                We offer an expedited refurbishment and design service that will reinforce your brand and raise productivity. We provide outstanding results on time and on budget; whether you need new decorations, updated lighting, a new floor layout, or a complete fit-out, our professional and skilled team has an enviable reputation.


                We emphasise the need to form excellent relationships with all our clients, to establish their exact requirements from a project. By listening and thoroughly understanding the client's objectives, we can create the absolute best design concept that meets the client's approval.


                Moving to the project's design stage, our experienced design team will create 2D CAD plans and 3D designs from your brief. At all stages of the process, our design team maintains close contact with the client to ensure the design corresponds to the client's vision for the refurbishment.


                Once the design stage is complete, Blackwell Contracts assigns you your project manager for the refurbishment, and they will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the physical refurbishment.


                We have vast experience in delivering commercial projects with the minimum disruption to the business or surrounding area. Our refurbishment experience means you can be confident that we will deliver your project exactly as you imagined, on time, and within budget.

                Retail Refurbishments & Fit Outs

                Our Latest Projects

                Let's discuss your project requirements.

                We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

                11 Mar

                Salon Refurbishments & Fit Outs

                Salon Refurbishments & Fitouts

                As Ireland's leading salon fit-out contractors, we take pride in the high specification and flawless interiors that we envisage, design, and create. It's our mission to bring your vision to life!

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                  Initial Planning Steps To Your Salon Refurbishment

                  These are crucial to creating the salon refurbishment that will meet your vision. These are the first steps we take when working with you as our new client. We ask you to prepare a file of any visuals that captivate you, photographs, images from magazines, salons you have frequented, anything that can help provide us with a clear picture of your design preferences.

                  • We work closely with several gifted and professional design architects who possess the relevant skills and ingenuity to create your design.
                  • The team will generate a new floor plan for your approval. The designers will accommodate the location of all electrical points, lighting, and of course, plumbing. They will also ensure that all styling units, furniture, and displays are positioned correctly according to your wishes.
                  • We create mood boards with deference to your preferred colour schemes, style, and choice of finishes incorporating your preferences and additional features, colours, and alternative textures and finishes.
                  • Once we receive agreement on your choice of mood boards, we then get to work creating 3D images of your finished salon; this way, you get to put yourself in the centre of your redesign and experience first-hand what to expect.
                  • Once everything is agreed upon, we begin the work to transform your salon. Blackwell Contracts will produce costings for each stage of the refurbishment, per your specified budget. 

                  Salon Fit-Out And Refurbishment

                  When refurbishing a salon, several critical elements of health and safety need addressing, and these run alongside the actual build or fit-out. Essential aspects to consider are fire alarms and, in case of a fire, exit routes. Your new washroom might require disabled facilities. Your salon's fit-out must follow numerous and varied rules and regulations.


                  For insurance purposes, all electrics must be signed off and certified. For a salon to function effectively, high calibre plumbing is a must. Drainage is a critical factor in all salons; you cannot run a salon efficiently with clogged drains.


                  Blackwell Contracts will provide a full shop fitting service:

                  • Electrical
                  • Plumbing
                  • Air-Conditioning
                  • Flooring
                  • Joinery
                  • Stairs
                  • Building Maintenance
                  • Custom Builds
                  • Bespoke Furniture
                  • Shopfronts

                  Salon Refurbishment And Fit-Out Tips

                  Is The Design Value For Money?

                  Working with a professional salon refurbishment company that holistically appreciates all aspects of the process is why you’ll know your design is the most cost-effective option.


                  Are The Materials Used Excellent Quality?

                  We must discuss the quality of material that will go into the salon fit-out before commencement. Even on small budgets choosing lower specification items can contravene building regulation practice. As design and refurbishment experts, it falls on us to ensure the client is fully aware of the implications.


                  What Warranties Are Offered?

                  Before commencing any salon refurbishment, we discuss the available warranties and guarantees available after project completion with our clients.


                  Are All Costs Included In The Initial Quotes?

                  Blackwell Contracts are transparent in all matters concerning costings and quotes. Unforeseen circumstances necessitate revisiting some costs on any project, but these are kept to the absolute minimum and are made perfectly clear to our clients.

                  Salon Refurbishments & Fit Outs

                  Our Latest Projects

                  Let's discuss your project requirements.

                  We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.

                  11 Mar

                  Contract Cleaning

                  Blackwell Contract Cleaning

                  Do you need specialist and professional office and residential cleaners in Dublin and surrounding counties? We provide unrivalled service, reliability, and second to none levels of customer service. We offer quality office and residential cleaning services, including cleaning after refurbishment works are complete and cleaning builder finished units.

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                    Choosing Blackwell Contract Cleaning means selecting a company that is one of the most professional cleaning companies in Dublin. Still, there are numerous other compelling reasons to use our expert cleaners and cleaning services.

                    Why Choose Blackwell Contract Cleaning?

                    • Our cleaning company offers bespoke services across the public and private sectors in Dublin and surrounding counties. We offer practical and forthright advice, and we provide accurate cost estimates.
                    • We intend to build and foster strong relationships with all our clients.
                    • At all times, we listen to your preferred requirements and needs.
                    • We are completely reliable - we provide a  cleaning service that is always on time and budget.
                    • Blackwell Contract Cleaning only uses the latest materials and modern equipment.
                    • Each contract is treated individually, with proper care and attention to ensure every customer is delighted.
                    • All our work is guaranteed.
                    • Blackwell Contract Cleaning ensures all operatives have full training and carry out their respective work skilfully and ensure they rigorously follow all Health & Safety measures. 
                    • Our cleaning company in Dublin offers value for money at all times. Our cleaners are English speaking, skilled professionals, insured and Garda vetted with all references thoroughly checked.


                    Our professional, reliable, and cost-effective cleaning services that we provide to all clients are:


                    • After renovation/refurbishment specialist cleaning - Commercial and Residential 
                    • Regularly scheduled home cleaning
                    • Once-off home cleaning
                    • End of tenancy cleaning
                    • Special-event home cleaning


                    Feel free to contact our friendly customer support team on 086 1425337 for more information about our cleaning services and a free quote. You can also complete the online contact form here.

                    Home Cleaner Kitchen



                    Home Cleaner Kitchen



                    House Cleaners



                    House Cleaners



                    Oven Cleaners



                    Oven Cleaners



                    Let's discuss your project requirements.

                    We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.