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Maintenance Services

At Blackwell Contracts, we work on maintenance contracts with private and public sector companies, small to large organisations, and private homes across Ireland.

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    Blackwell Contracts are specialists in all aspects of Building Maintenance services across the whole of Ireland.

    Should you be contemplating Building Maintenance Services or Property Maintenance Services anywhere in Ireland, we are more than happy to meet and discuss your needs.

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    Are you searching for an efficient, dependable, and highly respected building maintenance company renowned for its first-rate principles and standards? Every client, large or small, who engages us,  has the benefit of working with our highly trained team of professionals, who will deliver your personal building maintenance plan to cover your exact demands.


    Why You Should Choose Blackwell Contracts

    • Specialist Building and Property maintenance services
    • Proficient and highly experienced in all aspects of building maintenance
    • We undertake all types of building maintenance
    • We cover the whole of Ireland
    • Regular and emergency response building services
    • Economical and reliable building maintenance services

    What Is Building Maintenance?

    Building maintenance refers to every task needed to keep your building functioning as efficiently as possible. Several highly skilled personnel are necessary to service an individual building, each with different maintenance skills such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. 


    Without adequate and timely maintenance services, buildings fast become a hostile environment for employees and visitors, which is why building maintenance services are indispensable.


    Giving priority to the condition of the living and or working environments for a building's tenants is part and parcel of building maintenance. Ensuring a comfortable environment can mean anything inside a facility, such as bathroom maintenance and cleaning, to maintaining electrical systems. Outside services might include landscaping and gardening.

    Such regular and everyday maintenance ensures buildings and grounds are kept in prime condition.


    Four Typical Building Maintenance And Repair Services


    1. Day To Day Maintenance And Repair

    Buildings will always require a certain amount of maintenance; this is ongoing if the building is safe and fit for purpose. Building maintenance and repair specialists will instigate regular inspections to establish which areas require remedial work; they will then undertake those tasks.


    Examples of this type of "running repairs" are clearing blocked drains, water supply issues, replacing blown fuses, replacing damaged flooring,  changing air conditioning filters, and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. Outside maintenance will include mowing grass areas, plant watering, hedge cutting, leaf blowing, etc.

    2. Electrical Installation Maintenance

    Electrical installations are vital to the running of all buildings, and maintenance must only be carried out by suitably qualified and licensed personnel.


    Installations should be checked at prescribed intervals and an accurate record of all work certified.


    • Rigorous and regular earth resistance testing - at least once a year
    • Insulation testing to ensure equipment functions safely and effectively - at least twice a year
    • Polarity testing - at least every five years

    3. Preventative Building Maintenance

    Our specialised teams will perform preventative maintenance to ensure no breakdowns and reduce maintenance issues to buildings or services.


    Regular and consistent inspections accomplish this and determine if preventative work is necessary. The types of preventative work that we carry out include averting deterioration of building areas because of pollution, subsidence, water damage, accidental damage, careless damage, excessive or heavy use, insect damage, etc.

    4. Special Repair Building Maintenance

    Some parts of a building require more than decorative maintenance, which may only include painting and cleaning. Much of the building's exterior demands attention from severe weather, such as steel surfaces, staircases, walkways, structural fixtures, fitments, etc. Blackwell Contracts undertake to replace deteriorating parts of buildings and prevent further deterioration by restoring that part of the building to its original condition.


    Why Building Maintenance Is Essential

    Without professional and ongoing building maintenance, it's impossible to guarantee the safety and comfort of those using or staying in the building.


    From a business perspective employing the very best building maintenance company, such as Blackwell Contracts, will ensure property owners save money and, in turn, increase property values.


    Blackwell Contracts currently provides maintenance for over 600 apartments in Dublin, and home insurance providers have contracted the company to provide emergency call-out services for mechanical and electrical issues for thousands of homes across the east and midlands areas of Ireland.

    Let's discuss your project requirements.

    We'll be happy to answer any questions and offer advice.