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Apartment Refurbishments & Fit Outs

Blackwell Contracts are experts in apartment refurbishments and fit-outs. We bring many years of innovation, originality, and genuine passion to every project entrusted to our refurbishment team.

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    At Blackwell Contracts, we provide exceptional apartment refurbishments and fit-outs tailored to the client’s needs throughout Ireland. To date, we have completed over 200 apartment refurbishments. While every project is distinctive and challenging, we make sure our refurbishments and fit-outs create practical, pleasant, and graceful interiors.

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    With certain types of apartment refurbishment or fit-out projects, it's expedient to engage the services of an architect or interior designer. On other occasions, the client might themselves have a clear idea of what they require. We are more than happy to accommodate either scenario. However, if an architect's expertise is advisable, we work closely with several architects who possess the necessary experience dealing with apartment refurbishments.


    Apartment refurbs and fit-outs can definitely be a hugely rewarding experience, but there will be more than a few challenging situations to contend with. For example, you have neighbours in close proximity, the problematic issue of access, you may have an owners’ management company (OMC)  to deal with, and you don't want to fall foul of their rules and regulations.


    Every apartment refurbishment provides an extraordinary opportunity to recreate your living space into something you genuinely fall in love with and, at the same time, increase the value of your apartment.


    Naturally, refurbishments of this nature are challenging; there are so many variables to consider, which is why you need the services of a stellar apartment refurbishment company, such as Blackwell Contracts.


    Why Choose Blackwell Contracts

    • We utilise communication, consultancy, and management for every project. Blackwell will work as your internal manager and in tandem with you, the customer, to design a unique apartment fit-out or a complete refurbishment.
    • Whatever people may suggest, the cost is of paramount importance. Therefore we offer competitive quotes for your apartment refurbishment. You will be fully aware of the project costs before the commencement of the project. We will seek prior approval for any unavoidable variations, should there be any, to that cost.
    • Our processes are entirely transparent. At every stage of the project, you will have full sight of all project documentation. Each week throughout the project, you will be aware of the project's progress compared to the original timetable.
    • We do not take shortcuts. Our aim at all times is operational performance and setting the absolute best organizational priorities.
    • One of those priorities is open and frank communication between our project manager and you, the customer. Information has to flow both ways, and we are happy to take on board your suggestions.
    • Our team is experienced and highly skilled. Whatever a task demands, we allocate whatever resources are needed to achieve a positive outcome.

    Five Advantages Of Hiring Blackwell Contracts

    • Blackwell Contracts will be your source for everything needed for your apartment refurbishment or fit-out. Tell us what you need, and we will arrange, coordinate and schedule the entire project on your behalf. There’s no need to communicate with several different people, all information will come through us, and we will be your sole point of contact.
    • You may have a clear picture in your mind of what you want your refurbishment to look like. But we precisely create the actual plan and design to match what you need. Big projects that might involve removing interior walls or adding to your floor space require knowledgeable professionals to ensure the safety of what you propose.
    • Blackwell Contracts are fully insured. If your refurb requires you to hire several contractors for different job segments, each contractor is your responsibility unless you hire a company like Blackwell contracts.
    • If you're not an “experienced builder,” trying to go it alone is hugely problematic and time-consuming. You will have to research and teach yourself to become a project manager, employing tradespeople, and coordinating the project from beginning to end. Blackwell will take care of all this and more. We make the entire process more efficient, and in the long run, it will save you time and money.
    • If you borrow funds for the project, you'll likely be offered better terms on the loan because you employ a company such as Blackwell Contracts. We are fully licensed and are conversant with all building codes, inspections, and necessary permits. Also equally as important are the guarantees and warranties available when you work with Blackwell Contracts.

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