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Ziegler, Ziegler & Associates LLP has a global reputation for excellence in complex legal matters. Our New York-based attorneys are experienced and trusted attorneys for businesses and individuals in the United States and around the world. For your convenience, this website may contain links to other websites. The inclusion of such a link does not imply endorsement by Ziegler of the linked website, its operators or its content, advertising, information, links, products, services or other materials available on or through such websites. Ziegler has no control over the linked websites and is not responsible for the content, advertising, information, links, products, services or other materials available on such websites. Ziegler is not responsible for the privacy practices of such linked sites. Ziegler shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on such content, advertising, information, links, products, services or other materials available on or through such linked websites. Ziegler & Schneider is a full-service law firm that skillfully serves the legal needs of individuals, businesses, and government organizations in Northern Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati area. We are committed to protecting our clients` interests and developing innovative solutions to meet their ever-changing needs. At Ziegler und Schneider, we are committed to the prosperity and growth of our customers and can help you with all legal requirements in the following areas: Security and password useCertain additional information and services available on this website are available to you if you have been given a username and password (“Password User”), including access to your Ziegler account information. To obtain a password, please contact your Ziegler representative.

Additional terms and conditions apply to the use of additional information and services. As a password user, you are solely responsible for (1) maintaining the confidentiality of the password and user ID and (2) all activities performed by users of the password and user ID. Ziegler is responsible for determining whether the password user and user ID is the password user. The password user must immediately inform his Ziegler representative of the loss or theft of the password or if the confidentiality of the password has been compromised in any way. Ziegler is not liable for any loss, cost or damage resulting in any way from the use of the password and user ID and/or access to related information or documents. Content of the B.C. Ziegler and B.C. Company Website Ziegler`s and the Company`s official website (“Website”) is intended to provide Ziegler`s clients and other investors with general investment information as well as other specific information and financial data such as stock prices, research reports, comments on specific securities and information on Ziegler`s client accounts. This website is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities mentioned on this website. The information provided on this site is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Ziegler does not provide specific investment advice to individuals who view the content of the Website and makes no representation that the securities or services described herein are suitable for any particular investor.

Investors are advised not to rely on the information contained on this website to make an informed investment decision. Ziegler does not offer tax or legal advice through this website. Changes to the Website and Terms and ConditionsZiegler reserves the right to modify or discontinue temporarily or permanently the operation of this Website and/or the information, products and/or services available on this Website at any time without notice. We are steadfast advocates on behalf of clients trying to compete effectively in the global marketplace. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting our clients` interests and developing innovative solutions to meet their evolving needs. Ziegler DisclosuresBusiness Continuity PlanningB.C. Ziegler and Company (“Ziegler”) has developed a business continuity plan. We recognize the importance of preparing for disaster scenarios and taking the necessary measures to ensure business continuity and contingency planning. Microsoft is a registered trademark in the United States.

Day trading generates significant commissions, even if the cost per transaction is low. Day trading involves aggressive trading, and usually you pay commissions for each trade. The total daily commissions you pay on your trades will increase your losses or significantly reduce your earnings. Assuming a trade costs $19.95 and an average of 29 trades are made per day, an investor would have to make an annual profit of $138,852 just to cover commission fees. Important Restrictions on Email CommunicationThis website allows you to communicate electronically by sending electronic messages (“email”) to Ziegler and/or its employees and representatives. By using this website, you agree not to use the emails to instruct Ziegler for your accounts, place orders to buy or sell a security, or transfer funds. You may not use the email to provide Ziegler with other personal credit information, to communicate a change of address, to provide instructions to change or confirm your password, or to provide Ziegler with urgent instructions. Ziegler is not responsible for compliance with the instructions contained in such email instructions, regardless of when Ziegler receives them, and cannot guarantee that Ziegler will take any action following receipt of such instructions. Ziegler is not responsible for any acts or omissions resulting from electronic messages sent to Ziegler and/or its employees and representatives. Ziegler has adopted these proxy voting policies and procedures in accordance with version IC-25922 of the Investment Companies Act (“Disclosure of Proxy Voting Policies and Proxy Voting Records by Registered Investment Management Companies”).

Note to countries other than the United States InvestorsThis website was launched in the United States for residents of the United States. This website is not intended for use by or to provide information to investors outside the United States. Investors outside the United States may be subject to securities and tax regulations in their respective jurisdictions that are not discussed on this website. No security, investment advisory service or other product or service will be offered or sold in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be contrary to securities laws or other local laws and regulations. U.S. investors should be aware that not all investments mentioned on the Website may be available in all states. Ziegler reserves the right to request proof of residence from any user who accesses the Website and requests information. Code of EthicsOur Code of Ethics regulates our business decisions and actions as an expression of our core beliefs and provides our employees with a decision-making framework.

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