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On October 6, 2022, the Nordic Legal Tech Day – Edition No. 8 will take place again, the event for all those interested in Legaltech and the transformation of the legal market. We`ll cover a wide range of topics: AI compliance, blockchain regulation, legal design workshops, building innovative organizations, and much more. You`ll also have the chance to test out the latest legal tech offerings and meet the legal tech startups that will bring you tomorrow`s technology. The event is designed to help legal stakeholders stay on top of IT in general and rights-based digital solutions available in the market. What more could you ask for? A trip to Helsinki, lots of legal technology, a warm Nordic welcome and the chance to see and hear how a large European market tackles the same problems as you. Sounds good? Then find out here The event aims to give the legal industry an overview of proven legal technology solutions that are available to lawyers. This year, AI compliance from a practical perspective, implementing legaltech solutions, building a culture of innovation, legal design and much more are on the agenda. The Nordic Legal Tech Day in Stockholm is dedicated to the transformation of the legal sector, driven by new technologies and new client needs and behaviours, but also by the changing values of the legal community. It`s a forum for legal leaders – legal teams, law firms, legal service providers – and legal technology companies to network, learn, discuss, and be inspired. For more information: “We found that the legal industry and providers spent a lot of time meeting. So we created a kind of market for them.

The Norwegian TechTorget event will take place for the third time on April 27. After a live event in 2019, a digital event in 2021, TechTorget will now be a hybrid event. TechTorget, organised in collaboration with the Norwegian Bar Association, is the Norwegian arena where lawyers stay informed about modern IT solutions relevant to the legal market. Opened by the Secretary of State, with two panels discussing collaboration between clients and lawyers and the court, TechTorget offers many exciting legal technologies in 4 hours. Register for the event by or email PSA will be exhibiting at Nordic Legal Tech Day in Stockholm on November 6. Meet Stefan and Erik to talk about legal technology, intelligent automation, and digital transformation in law firms and in-house legal teams. TechTorget is the arena where lawyers can learn and keep abreast of modern IT solutions relevant to the legal industry. Here you will meet several suppliers of these products and services. “It is a forum for legal industry leaders – legal teams, legal service providers and legal technology companies – to learn, share, network, be inspired and keep abreast of evolving legal technology, tools and practices. Conference organizers say: “Nordic Legal Technology Day in Helsinki aims to accelerate the development of legal technology tools that enable new services and new ways of working in the legal profession. What is the event? As the name suggests, it`s about legal technology and innovation, but with a Nordic taste and a lot of hygge.

Speakers come from all over the world, of course many from the region, law firms, technology companies and ALSP (see below). In addition, the event concretizes the legal tech of the future. It can really show that by taking small steps and investing in real solutions, the legal industry has nothing to fear as it prepares for that future. Experts from across the industry, from Allen & Overy to EY to leading regional companies such as Castrén & Snellman, Jorma Vartia at Lassia, companies such as Nokia and Karnov Group, as well as Jeroen Plink and Nicola Shaver, will also cover everything from highly practical topics in the form of important advice for technical implementation to very big topics such as the future direction of the legal profession and how technology is making a difference. examine. Work-life balance and more! Nordic Legal Tech Day is a day full of interaction and knowledge sharing about the world of legal technology tools and the future role of legal services and lawyers. This is a full-day event where you can network with thought leaders, entrepreneurs and paralegals ready to transform the legal industry and the professional lives of lawyers. I will give a keynote address on what`s happening in the world of legal technology and innovation, focusing on key trends and emerging issues, as well as technology that seems to be pushing the boundaries of what`s possible. The event will take place on 6 October between 08:45 and 17:30 CET at Posthuset, Vasagatan 28 in Stockholm.

Miriam Michaelsen wins the award for her work on creating justice in the field of digital counterfeiting and revenge. As a lawyer, she represented the girl in the umbrella case, and the work against digital crimes also led to the creation of the umbrella organization Digitalt Ansvar, which in a few years has assumed an important role in eliminating digital crimes. With this award, Karnov, in collaboration with the think tank Justitia, recognizes ideas, initiatives and solutions that simplify the path to legal knowledge, improve our rule of law and/or streamline the legal sector in new ways. Be sure to copy the registration number after the successful deposit. The standard price is 4125 SEK (375 €), but you can use our promo code and pay only 2063 SEK (188 €). Registration is binding, but you can transfer your ticket to a colleague or friend. All prices include 25% VAT. Click on the button below and buy your ticket! For the second time, TechTorget was convened by Peter van Dam, Chief Digital Officer at Simonsen Vogt Wiig, and Erik Ødegaard with the full support and cooperation of the Norwegian Bar Association. This year as a 100% virtual event. As a participant, the experience was very enjoyable and with many relevant and interesting topics. We look forward to next year`s event, hybrid, virtual or physical. The interactive agenda includes experienced Swedish, Nordic and international speakers, all sharing ideas, practical knowledge and personal experiences.

The Nordic Legal Tech Day will take place on November 17 in Helsinki, Finland – and Artificial Lawyer will be present. Be the first to stay on top of our latest ideas, best practices, and use cases for intelligent automation and digital transformation of professional services organizations. Your payment will be verified online. Your payment status shows the payment Key takeaways: We clearly need a pact, pronto, but that won`t happen now. We may have seen positive movements, such as the 2018 Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace. But first we will have to overcome some obstacles. Last but not least, bring the United States, Russia and China to the table. The gap is being filled by the private sector. Where states are not willing to reach an agreement, companies want to develop a digital Geneva Convention. But really? Do we trust companies to regulate themselves? “The interactive agenda includes experienced international and Nordic speakers – and you get ideas, practical knowledge on the ground as well as future trends and developments.” A global compact may simply be too ambitious right now.

So, in the meantime, we need to continue working at the regional and national levels to increase cybersecurity awareness and efforts. As an ELTA member you get 50% discount on entry, to get the discount code, please contact The website is continuously updated with speakers, sponsors and the agenda of other countries. Tickets for Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm are available now! The day ends with a start-up pitching session and mixes. The platform from which the event took place gave participants the opportunity to network and discuss with other participants and all exhibitors, as well as listen to speakers from renowned lawyers and several parallel sessions on 7 topics: document management, document analysis, case management, modern accounting, legal information, compliance and security. According to van Dam, spending just 2-3 hours at the event can help lawyers stay informed about the many providers they wouldn`t otherwise know about in the market that offer great solutions. Save my name, email address, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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