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To be eligible for a registered nurse`s licence, a person must complete a professional care plan approved by the Board of Directors. Some Montana programs award an associate degree in science, while others award a bachelor of science degree. See the Commission`s website ( for a list. Montana is not a member of the nursing license, but nurses may be licensed through certification if they have met equivalent licensing requirements in another state. State residency is not a requirement for Montana licensing; In fact, nurses who provide telephone care to Montana patients must have a state license. Nurses wishing to be admitted for the first time must pass the NCLEX at the appropriate level (NP or RN). In 2012, Montana RN candidates achieved a pass rate of 92.43%, just above the national average of 90.34%. RPNs achieved a pass rate of 99.19%, well above the national average of 84.23%. RPN rates have been consistently above the national average over the past five years, while RN rates have been more or less equal. The board publishes the success rates of individual schools: ( 4. If proof of your original licence does not provide proof of your nursing training, the Council office will contact you for further instructions.

To be eligible for RPN licensure, an applicant must participate in an approved nursing program. Montana`s approved LPN programs confer an associate degree in applied science — this is not the case in many states. (However, applicants who complete approved certificate programs are eligible for licensing.) LPNs who have not passed a U.S. licensing exam must pass the NCLEX. A nurse trained in a foreign country must obtain a course evaluation from one of the accredited bodies: the Commission for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools or the International Foundation for Research in Education. In many cases, an English exam is also required. Nurses trained in the following countries are not required to prove their English proficiency through testing: Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago or the United Kingdom. Canadian nurses do not have to do this unless their training was done in Quebec. International nurses applying for licensure by exam pay $100 (in addition to the cost of the exam and assessment paid to other organizations); Those with U.S.

licenses who apply for legalization pay $200 to the Montana Board. There are several organizations in the state that offer scholarship funds. The Montana Nurses Association and the Darci Lynn Dengel Foundation are two sources. The MNA is also a source of information on other sources of funding for nursing students. The Montana Health Care Association provides educational funding to develop Montana`s long-term nursing staff ( Read “LPN Programs in Montana” to better understand the educational requirements and processes of the LPN program. An AI that has already obtained a permit based on an approved audit may apply for a license by accreditation. The applicant must provide proof of admission from the first state in which the applicant was authorized and any other state where the applicant has held a license within the last two years. 3. Official license verification from your original license status AND all professional licenses, regardless of status. The nursing graduate must apply to the Montana Board of Directors and file registration with Pearson, the company that manages the NCLEX-RN ( Once the candidate receives the authorization, the candidate will plan – in Billings, Helena or any other state.

A graduate who applies for a license per exam pays $100 to the Montana Board. This is in addition to the $200 paid directly to the test company. *Photocopies of licences are not considered official verification and should not be included with your application. There are many ways to become a nurse in Montana. The path you take depends mainly on the type of nurse you want to become and your current or future level of education. The higher your level of education, the more options you have for choosing where and how to pursue your nursing career. The Montana State Board of Nursing licenses registered nurses and general practitioners. Montana is a Nurse Licensure Compact state, meaning registered nurses from another Compact state do not have to apply for a license unless they plan to make Montana their primary state of residence. In addition to nurse salaries in Montana, you can find information on how to acquire and maintain various types of Montana nurse licenses.

We`re constantly making updates, but with the speed of change in healthcare, it`s hard to stay up to date. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding our Montana care information, please email us at! “Registered Nurse Programs in Montana” offers several additional resources to learn more about choosing an appropriate professional care program. The licence application can be found on the Board`s website. Click here to download the app. A fee of $100 must be included in the application. Education: Advanced Advanced Accredited Nursing Program No temporary license. Permanent permit issued approximately 10 days or more after receipt of required documents. The Montana Board of Nursing licenses general practitioners and registered nurses and establishes regulations for their practice.

There are currently 16,876 registered nurses and 3,508 licensed practical nurses in the state. A new graduate waiting for the exam can obtain temporary approval for an additional fee of $25. A graduate may not practise for more than 90 days under a temporary licence. The candidate must work under direct supervision during this period; The application package contains a form that the supervisor must sign. If the candidate fails the exam, the license will expire three days after notification. Care needs are changing rapidly. Be sure to confirm licensing requirements with the Montana Board of Nursing before applying for a license. Last updated: 28/01/2020 Renewal: The renewal fee is $50 per APRN special ticket.

Advanced practice nurses must complete 24 hours of contact training during each two-year licence renewal period. The majority of contact hours must be within the scope of the individual`s specialized certification, plus 12 contact hours of continuing education in pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and/or clinical management of drug therapy, if the prescribed authority. * Temporary permits are issued, while other required documents are issued a permanent licence. The additional steps required to obtain a permanent license MUST also be taken. Renewal: The renewal fee is $100. Registered nurses are required to complete 24 hours of training every two years, which are due at the time of licence renewal. A registered nurse who applies for a license through certification pays $200 to the Montana Board. International registered nurses who have not yet passed the NCLEX apply for a licence by examination. They must pass an aptitude test by CGFNS before taking the NCLEX. They must also have their references professionally evaluated.

An English exam is required for those who are not from one of the exempted countries. LPNs who already hold a permit in another U.S. jurisdiction may apply for a licence using proof of eligibility. They must demonstrate that they met requirements equivalent to those in effect in Montana at the time of their initial license. License verification is required by each state where the IAA has been authorized within the last two years, as well as the state where the applicant was originally authorized. Applicants must also register with NCLEX-PN. Registration takes place in two stages. The candidate registers and pays the $200 fee. Then the applicant waits for the ATT (authorization); This follows the communication between Pearson and the Montana Board. At this time, the candidate can schedule a computer-friendly exam.

The exam is given in Montana at Billings and Helena, but candidates can schedule their exam in another state if they prefer. The executive board shall inform the participant of the outcome in writing. Those who have passed the U.S. license exam and apply by approval must always provide a copy of their course evaluation. A new graduate who is required to pass an exam may receive a temporary permit to begin working. If the candidate does not pass the first attempt at the examination, this authorization will be revoked. Licenses can be verified online via or The results of the exam do not need to be submitted to CGFNS for the CES. 301 S Park, 4th FloorHelena, MT 59620-0513TEL.

: 406-841-2202FAX: 406-841-2305. The above salaries as a nurse were called in January 2020 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics – State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates Montana. Approval: Individuals with an equivalent license in another state may apply for a license by approval, which is subject to a $200 endorsement fee. An out-of-state nurse who has not been disciplined in the past two years may be granted temporary licensure. Additional Information: A Montana Active Registered Nurse license is required to apply. According to the Montana Board of Nursing – Advanced Practice Registered Nurse – Prescribing Practices, APRNs can apply for prescription authorization in an emergency situation if Schedule II contains controlled substances. A registration fee of $100 is required. A three-semester graduate course in advanced pharmacology, differential diagnosis and disease management, and supervised clinical practice with pharmacological intervention is required. A renewal fee of $75 is due on December 31 of each even-numbered year. Education: Complete a Registered Nurse Program Learn more about becoming an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

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