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Manage the apostille / legalization with international validity of public documents issued by Argentine authorities or Argentine organizations. Internationally valid apostilles and legalizations issued by Argentina can be verified > you can apostille or legalize your document throughout the country. In agreement between the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Council of Argentine Notaries (CFNA), all notarial schools in the country can issue / authorize apostilles and legalizations with international validity and can process them on documents of the same jurisdiction, without the need to legalize the Ministry of the Interior beforehand. You can contact the colleges of notaries to find out the requirements and modalities of the procedures: CFNA – COLLEGES OF NOTARIES Documents issued at the Argentine consular headquarters must have the digital signature of the Acting Consular Authority to be valid in Argentina, i.e. be self-sufficient and not require additional intervention by this Ministry. Documents issued at the consular headquarters cannot be issued with apostille or legalization with international validity. However, the receiving agency may require that the documents issued be issued within a certain period, for which new documents must be managed and therefore new apostilles or legalizations with international validity. Postponements can be requested from today on the official website of the ministry: and enter “Apostille / Legalizations: Put your tour online”. or by entering: internationally valid apostilles and certifications do not expire.

If you are abroad, you should contact the nearest Argentine consulate for advice and administration. To carry out these procedures through consular channels, you do not need a tax number or an Argentine bank account ARGENTINE CONSULATES The procedure includes documents issued by our country, as well as by the Argentine consular network and foreign missions accredited in Argentina. The most common are marriage certificates, criminal record certificates, driver`s license legality certificates, birth certificates, and educational credentials, among others. The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an innovative system that allows you to manage your apostilles and legalizations with international validity remotely, without leaving your home and maintaining the requirements of national and international documentary legality through the platform “Trámites a Distancia” (TAD): Apostilles, issued by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Certifications with international validity take the form of an electronic document in PDF format starting with the letters “CE”, which have the underlying document as an “embedded file” (attachment), which can be viewed via the attachment symbol (as a clip). If your request is not taken into account in the previous sections, you can contact us via the mail on weekdays from 8am to 5pm. Public documents issued by Argentine authorities or organizations, both in electronic form with digital signature (provided they correspond to the corresponding signature chain) and on paper with handwritten signature (only in cases where the issuing body does not have a digital signature service or no other higher authority can digitally certify the document) Documents issued by judicial authorities (judges, clerks and similar) in the electronic medium and with verifiable digital signature can be intervened with apostille or legalization with international validity through direct processing via the TAD platform. You can upload your diplomas and certificates via the Remote Procedures (TAD) platform.

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